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As with Homer's Odysseus, our Odyssey Scholars set out on an epic journey of learning and discovery developed around an area of study which they are passionate about. Odyssey Scholars challenge themselves academically, intellectually, and creatively by designing a two-year course of study that will culminate in a major public presentation. This program combines the elements of Independent Study, Senior Experience, and research (capstone) projects. Students may apply for the program at the end of their sophomore year. 



Odyssey Scholars standing by gazebo


Here's a brief overview of our current Odyssey Scholars' projects:


Bella Bizzell ’20

Bella’s personal journey sparked her efforts to raise awareness and funds for endometriosis research.


Evan Custer ’20

Evan’s experiences with the Outdoor Leadership Program inspired him to design, build, and test an offroad/overlanding trailer.


Zoe Crouch ’21

After losing a friend to suicide, Zoe was motivated to write, produce and direct a movie about suicide awareness and prevention.


Elise Gardiner ’21

Elise is studying the usage of illegal steroids among athletes and the world of horse racing, as well as how they are used beneficially for the treatment of medical conditions. 


Lily King ’21

Lily is a songwriter and musician who plans to record an album, design the cover art, make a music video, and stream it online, along with promoting the album at concerts.


Carissa Martinez ’21

A competitive gymnast, Carissa is studying how methods and aspects of performance and sports psychology, such as visualization and mental reversal, can help improve athletic ability and performance.


Anastasia Panagopoulos ’21

Anastasia is examining how music therapy affects the brain and behavior, and how it can enhance therapy for special needs, anxiety, depression, and movement disorders. 


Kylie Pizzonia ’21

Kylie is delving into behavioral analysis and how childhood development, anatomical differences, and traumatic experiences affect the criminal mind. 


Lauren Sandoval ’21

Lauren is analyzing medical specialties to determine which area she is most passionate about and creating a guide book for other high school students.


Parker Willis ’21

Parker will create a CubeSat, or miniaturized satellite, to be launched into space, where it will collect data on the Earth's magnetic field. 



You can follow their project blogs here.