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Making Makers
The Sandia Prep Autonomous Creative Environment (SPACE) is a community-oriented makerspace where science, engineering, technical, and visual art enthusiasts meet regularly to share, explore, innovate, and collaborate using textiles, electronic hardware, manufacturing tools, and programming techniques.
SPACE includes:
  • 3D printers
  • Laser-cutter equipment
  • Auto-CAD software
  • Woodworking tools
  • CNC router
  • Mobile workstations
  • Cricut Maker
  • BIBO dual-extruder/laser engraver 3D printer
  • Makyu Form Box
  • and much more!
  • A resource that creates the opportunity to put theory into application, where failure is a welcomed component and there is no penalty to fail
  • A place for engaging learners in creative, higher-order problem solving through hands-on design, construction, and iteration; one that facilitates experimental play that engages students
  • A community workspace for budding artists, craftspeople, engineers, makers, hobbyists and hardware developers
  • A movement to empower students as creators and tinkerers

  • To provide innovative tools, so that students can develop ideas and try implementing them
  • To act as an incubator; a space where students can go to learn the skills to create things and have access to the tools necessary to create them
  • To balance social interaction with individual exploration, while keeping students close enough together to inspire each other with ideas
  • To partner with other programs and groups on campus, such as science, art, and broadcasting

DareDevil Design - A workshop environment where students (in a 6th-grade course and a 7th-grade course) engage in creative, critical, and constructive processes to develop products, ideas, and projects to help communities. Daredevil Design will participate in nation-wide challenges such as the Future City Competition, in nonprofits such as the Lantern Project, and endeavors with local organizations. Students conduct a “Presentation of Learning” to demonstrate their skills, understanding, and growth.

Entrepreneurial Studies - A senior capstone course that develops an entrepreneurial mindset and teaches problem-solving skills that are essential to a student’s success later in life. The course provides students an opportunity to work with Albuquerque entrepreneurs, who present real-world business problems outlined in a scope of work, complete with hard deliverables and deadlines. Having done research, conducted customer interviews, and worked as a team to devise a solution, the students pitch their solutions directly to the business CEOs. In the fourth and final project, students work together to devise a concept for a business and pitch it “Shark Tank”-style to real investors.


Now in its fifth year, and as part of its objective to meet the interests and grow the experiences of students, SPACE acquired a BIBO dual-extruder/laser engraver 3D printer, a Cricut die-cutting machine, and a table saw. Students can now 3D print in two colors, engrave or etch on basic materials, die-cut from the most delicate paper and fabric to mat board and leather, and make different kinds of cuts on wood, such as a rip cut, a cross cut, miter cut, and bevel cuts.