Not what to think. How to think.

Our blend of contemporary and traditional education allows students to think creatively, critically, and without limits. 
Sandia Prep’s curriculum is ever-evolving to meet the needs of students and future job markets. We know our students learn best when they are engaged, so our teaching is geared toward active learning, critical thinking, and collaboration within a block schedule. Our courses are rigorous and our expectations high, and we are passionate about seeing all of our students succeed.
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Preparing Our Students for the Future
Students will need to be well-versed, even fluent, in technology (i.e. augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence) to succeed in the job market. Sandia Prep is preparing our students with a curriculum that will meet the future needs of our world.

Curriculum Guide 2022-2023

We offer a unique array of rigorous, honors-level courses that challenge and motivate. Click here or the image above to view our 2022 - 2023 curriculum guide.
A sample of our innovative advanced courses:
- 7th Grade 3D Design
- 8th Grade Experiential Outdoor Leadership
- Advanced Applied Digital Design
- Computer Animation
- Curtain! The Production Experience
- Early Latin America: From Empires to Nations (College credit course)
- Engineering 4 US All
- Entrepreneurship Through Design
- Environmental Science & Economics
- Heritage Language Program
- Intensive Writing
- Mechatronics 2
- Molecular Biology
- Physics 2

Our Middle School is a lively place where students develop meaningful relationships with teachers and with their fellow students. We believe this web of relationships makes it possible for our students to take risks in a variety of areas. They can learn where their talents lie and develop the skills they need to grow intellectually and academically.

We believe it is important for middle school students to learn skills in context. In particular, we teach critical thinking and study skills in each discipline rather than teaching them individually. At Sandia Prep, we want our students to discover the connections between subjects and to use these discoveries to explore and understand the world around them.

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Our Upper School curriculum is designed to provide students with the opportunity to test their talents and to develop their skills in a variety of academic disciplines. We require students to take courses in English, Science, History, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Fine Arts, Digital Media and Communications, and Physical Education.

We also offer students the opportunity to pursue their academic interests in depth either in elective courses in the various disciplines, including engineering and coding, independent study, our Odyssey Scholars Program, and Entrepreneurial Studies. Students may elect to take advanced courses at the University of New Mexico and Central New Mexico Community College through our concurrent enrollment program.

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Susi Hochrein
Assistant Head of School for Middle School

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Cheryl McMillan
Assistant Head of School for Upper School
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