Tuition Assistance



A Sandia Prep education is an investment that will last a lifetime for your child. The question should not be, "How could I afford a Sandia Prep education?" but, "How could I not?"


If the cost feels out of reach based on your family's budget, we believe that 45 minutes of tuition assistance paperwork is worth the time to explore this possibility.


Tuition assistance is available for many income levels. In fact, 40% of our current students receive tuition assistance. 
Tuition ($1,000 nonrefundable registration fee included) .......................... $23,410

Tuition covers campus organizations, retreats, PE clothing, athletic and field trip buses, etc.

We partner with School and Student Services by NAIS (SSS) in our tuition assistance process. Sandia Prep offers aid in the form of tuition assistance grants to families who demonstrate financial need. The amount of each grant varies, depending on the family’s needs and our available resources. Families are required to file for tuition assistance on an annual basis. Aid awards are typically similar from one year to the next unless financial circumstances have changed. Sandia Prep is unable to make an award until both the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) and required tax documents are received (deadlines below). If parents/guardians are divorced or separated, both parents/guardians must participate in the tuition assistance process by each submitting a separate application directly to SSS. Late filing may jeopardize an award. Tuition assistance application available at
Please note: Our financial aid application deadline is February 21, 2020. Financial Aid applications received after this date will be placed on a Financial Aid WaitList.

Sandia Prep SSS Code



First Choice Applicants

PFS and 2018 taxes due by November 25, 2019


General Pool Applicants

PFS and 2019 taxes due by February 21, 2020


Current Families

PFS and 2019 taxes due by March 25, 2020