Admission FAQs

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Answers to Essential Admission Questions

If you have a question that is not covered here, please contact our Admission Team, who will be happy to provide you with the information that you need.




Tuition assistance is available for many income levels. In fact, 40% of our current students receive tuition assistance. If the cost feels out of reach based on your family's budget, we believe that 45 minutes of tuition assistance paperwork is worth the time to explore this possibility. A Sandia Prep education is an investment that will last a lifetime for your child.



We like to reassure applicants that admission testing is only one piece of the application process. We are looking for reasons to admit motivated, talented students, not turn them away. A student's academic record, attitude toward learning, and how they contribute to their school and surrounding community are more important to us than just test scores.


Everyone is nervous about starting at a new school. In the sixth grade, students come from more than 30 elementary schools around the region, so everyone is in the same boat! Prep works hard to make new students feel comfortable and welcomed at every grade level. Our community-building efforts start before classes even begin, and they continue throughout the school year. Back-to-school retreats in the first week of classes are designed to help students get to know one another and teachers, too. By week two, your child will have formed friendships that they will carry them through their years at Prep!


The Center for Learning Excellence (CFLE) at Sandia Prep offers academic services to meet the individual needs and learning styles of students. It is our philosophy that all attending students should be afforded opportunities to succeed academically. Students with a diagnosed learning disability, or medical condition significantly impacting academic performance, are entitled to an accommodation plan. Accommodation plans outline modifications to the environment, assignments, or expectations to create more equitable learning experiences for students. Specific accommodations could include but are not limited to: extended time on tests, quizzes, or assignments; preferential seating; allowance of technology for note-taking; or more frequent contact with a teacher. Parents are involved in the creation and update of the plans, and the plans are distributed at the beginning of each academic year to teachers with a briefing from our CFLE Director and Psychologist & Director of Wellness.


We want our students to be adventurous and to explore a wide variety of activities and interests. Just take it a step at a time! You won’t be able to do everything all at once, but as you become more accustomed to Sandia Prep, you’ll figure out how to try out for a musical, join an Outdoor Leadership Program outing, run track, and much more, if that’s what you want to do! The possibilities are endless!


We love having families who know that Sandia Prep is where they want to be! Here’s what we suggest:

  • Select the First Choice option on your application portal.

  • Sign up for a tour as well as a virtual student interview.

  • Sign up to take your admission test in November with the First Choice pool.

  • Send your Release of Records form to the registrar at your child’s current school. Keep an eye out for emails from us that it’s time to send your child’s math and English teachers our recommendation forms. That’s it!

1. Start early.
It is often hard for parents to believe that the application process starts around September for enrollment the following school year. The admission process has a few steps, and you will position your child better if you allow plenty of time for your family to complete the application. Learn more about our application process.

2. Do your research ahead of time by talking to families who have students at the school.
Ask them about their children's learning, and just as importantly, their overall happiness. Are their children engaged, challenged, and supported? What is the stress level like? What kind of athletic and extracurricular activities will be available to your child? How are parents included in the school community? Ask families to explain how the school supports academic and personal growth at all grade levels.

3. Don't sweat the test.
Most schools care more about school engagement and performance than just test scores. Putting pressure on your child can create undue anxiety and hinder test performance. Click here to learn more about the admission test and how your child can prepare for it.

4. Applying for tuition assistance? Familiarize yourself with the process.
Sandia Prep offers tuition assistance for most income levels. In fact, 40% of our current students receive tuition assistance. Investment in elementary, middle, and high school prepares students for a lifetime of academic and career success. Moreover, independent and private schools can provide
expertise in securing funding for college when the time comes. Learn more about tuition assistance.