Independent College Preparatory School

Grades 6 -12

The 6th Grade Experience

Rotating Schedule

Sandia Prep 6th graders are enrolled in 8 classes. Students actually attend just 7 of those classes each school day. The SPS schedule rotates, so each day is a bit different than the one before. Most 6th graders adapt well within the first week or so of school.
View detailed schedule here.

6th Grade Courses

Every 6th grader takes:

  • English (reading and writing)
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies (World Cultures)
  • Physical Education
  • Modern Language (French or Spanish)
  • Art and Media Rotation:
    - Art
    - Digital Media
    - Theater & Dance
    - Music
  • Electives
    - Chorus
    - Guitar
    - Strings
    - Jazz Band or
    - Study Hall

Assembly, Advisory, and Activity

  • Along with the classes described above, students attend All-School Assemblies every Tuesday and Friday morning at 9:40 a.m. On Monday and Thursday mornings students attend grade level assemblies and or may have a 15 minute break to eat, consult with a teacher, or relax.
  • Every Wednesday teachers meet with their advisees during a 30-minute Advisory period.
  • Twice during each six-day rotation, we set aside time for Activity period. This is a special time for students and teachers to enjoy various pursuits (rocketry, Model UN, theater, newspaper, Supercomputing Challenge and Mock Trial, for example) while building relationships.

At Sandia Prep, every day is new and different. Our schedule allows time for academics — as well as activities and conversations with teachers. It allows students to know one another and form the strong community for which Sandia Prep is known.