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Tatiana (Junior)

Hello, beautiful people!

The concepts of art and activism are one and the same. Artists use different art forms to express how they feel about different subjects. All art is made in response to something. The art I want to research responds to the term “Black resilience.” I am reading a book titled We Wanted A Revolution, which was originally an art exhibition that featured only Black female artists. The show started in the ‘70s, and all of the pieces can be seen separately in many museums today. The artists I’m learning about have used their paintings and power to make a change in the art community. These prominent people are Black female artists who use their power for good. My goal during this Odyssey project is to figure out who I am as a Black female artist, and how I want to present myself. My next step is to interview other Black artists and see who they are and how they have gotten this far in their industry. How have they turned their resilience into a visual concept?

For the entire month of November, I will be displaying some of my paintings at The Collective, a collection of businesses and vendors who sell everything from artwork to vintage clothing. The Collective includes a gallery wall for local artists like me. I have never displayed my art at an official gallery and am very excited but equally nervous. 

Wish me luck, and I will see you next month!