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Zoe (Senior) - Filmmaking

This month was all over the place. I decided to stay with my original idea as far as my film, but then some new issues came up. There were complications surrounding the place I was going to film, which I needed because it was virtually the only place I could film with actors not wearing masks other than my own home, which I am not comfortable with.  

I’m trying to figure out these issues, but I’m not sure how it will end up or if I will have to make other plans here to be able to finish my project. However, I have been really excited about the other film I am working on, “The Keys To Life.” We are now in post production, which is exciting because the film should be out in late April if all goes to plan. 

It's not all what I had hoped because I cannot actually be there myself and help in person, but as we go back for reshoots and editing I get to witness all of it virtually, which is the best learning experience I’ve had in Odyssey. 

I am assigned to work on the advertising covers for the film along with Craig, who is well-versed in visual edits. I’m excited to see how all of it turns out!

This month was a lot of push and pull. I felt like I was constantly taking two steps forward and one step back. I couldn’t decide on a topic! Even though I have already written my script, which I planned on using for my final project, I felt like I wanted to do something more with this opportunity. I wanted to address issues going on in our world now, and bring awareness to them. 

My first thought was gun violence because I have had three friends suffer the consequences of teens owning guns. However, this idea would be way harder to execute, take more resources (that I do not have), and more planning. I also felt like if I didn’t have the means to do this well, it was probably best to stick to my original project unless I could quickly think of a way to actually make it happen. This was pretty stressful, but what I’ve learned in Odyssey is to really think things through. We all want to do something amazing with our projects, but during this time we can only really do so much. 

Other than that, I just found more sources and reached out to people for interviews. This month was a lot, but I'm excited to see how my project is growing and coming together.

The start of this month was a jump straight into the deep end. As finals were assigned and the pressure grew more intense on all fronts of my classes, I honestly struggled to find a lot of time to work on Odyssey. However, this month I thought it would be really beneficial to focus on next semester and on putting myself in a strong place to begin my end of the year final project. I decided this would be a short film, and I have begun working on writing the script and other aspects of pre-production. I thought this would be the smartest move this month because one thing I learned from my previous months in Odyssey is that you should always give yourself more time than you feel is necessary because unforeseen issues are not rare and can cause major issues in staying on track. I began to reach out to actors at Sandia Prep and just see if there was any interest and how people would feel about being a part of my film, whether it be cast or crew. I also was able to work on a script a little more and from my new experience on the short film I am working on in LA, I could already see the improvements in my scriptwriting. This month was shockingly very productive in Odyssey.

This month was crazy. Even though I had finally finished my college applications, I was swamped with catching up on classwork that I had been forced to put off while I finished my applications. However, this month I was able to focus more on some of my Odyssey requirements such as blogs and essays. I got to conduct some really informative and fun interviews with people I am working with on The Keys to Life (a short film in LA). I was able to interview an actress who requests to remain anonymous for security purposes, who acted in Outer Banks and other prominent Netflix Originals. The insight I got from her was very interesting because it opened up a whole new side of film and acting— getting into character. She gave me lots of different tips she uses to really come into her character, such as asking questions about the character’s goals, fears, and emotions. This source was extremely helpful in progressing my project and knowledge.

This past month was crazy. From college applications being due in early November and schoolwork picking up, I was absolutely slammed. However, I did make huge progress this month as far as my hands-on-learning! I was able to get a role as a Director’s Assistant in a Los Angeles short feature film called “The Keys to Life.” I have been working virtually on this for about a week now. I have attended online line readings, general meetings, and talked on the phone with the director, Ramon Charles. 
I’ve learned a ton through this first week but have also noticed that my knowledge in this field isn’t as small as I thought it was, and it is very rewarding to feel like I understand what’s happening in a real film shoot. Aside from that, I have been working a little more on my second script and continuing my research as far as outside sources. I am very excited for this next month in Odyssey!

I think we can all agree that times are crazy right now. Senior year has definitely started off quickly and everything is happening so fast. My Odyssey project has changed as well. Because it is very difficult to film with lots of actors and a long script now with COVID, I have decided to change my project into two short films. These films will run about five minutes each. The first film I have written finished pre-production, and I am ready to get started on filming. It is about mental illnesses, specifically, schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder.
I have decided to film, direct, and act in this short myself due to new COVID regulations, and in an attempt to keep everyone safe. I have already filmed my first take of this short and plan on another shoot after I revise all the takes and figure out what would be best to change. I have decided to make my second short a horror-teaser. This film will run about seven minutes and have about three actors. I have begun writing the script, but feel it would be better to focus on one project at a time to avoid any confusion or loss of time.
I have also been continuing my research about film through books, videos, and documentaries. It has been difficult to keep up with Odyssey while trying to manage classes and college applications, but I think I am in a good place so far.