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Rowan (Junior)

The Odyssey Scholars program is an excellent way for students to explore a passion of theirs in great detail. In my case, I’m studying film scoring--the process from start to finish--and I hope to create something for a big project at the end of the program. These first few months represent the start of the program as a whole, and I’m enjoying the project quite a lot. I have been studying and recording music for basically my whole life, and this project is an excellent opportunity for me to try something new and possibly pursue this as a career.

Thus far, the project has just kicked off, and I’m already learning a lot. The program began with reading “Understanding the Score: Film Music Communicating to and Influencing the Audience.” The article, which took an academic approach to the concept, discussed several musical elements. Although a moviegoer might find the score somewhat artificial, the author underscores, the score remains an imperative piece of the film. This idea particularly caught my interest, as I have not paid this much attention to the score to realize how it might seem redundant. Secondly, I’ve been reading the first chapters of Complete Guide to Film Scoring: The Art and Business of Writing Music for Movies and TV, a text containing material regarding all aspects of the scoring process by way of interviews and in-depth analyses. The book also touches on the technical requirements of the scoring process, where the realization arose that it is impossible for a student to obtain such expensive, professional equipment.

Overall, this project has been exciting, as I will be able to learn new strategies quickly. In the long term, it will be challenging but rewarding in the end. I would recommend the Odyssey Scholars program to any student whose passions get to them every day, and for students who wish to pursue the passion as a career, as it’s an excellent starting point--even before they get into college.