Alumni Legacy Fund


Make a gift to Sandia Prep's Alumni Legacy Fund. 

“The Alumni Legacy Fund will help bridge the gap between what an alumni family
can afford to pay for tuition and the financial aid allotment that Sandia Prep can provide.”
- Laura Fitzpatrick, Assistant Head of School for Enrollment Management

Sandia Prep alumni benefit from “The Prep Experience” long past graduation. Alums have shared that their time on campus was invaluable and that their Sandia Prep diploma not only led to their college admission, but to their eventual career success.

Despite more than 50 years of students, our alumni population continues to be small, and only recently have we begun to experience a wave of second and third-generation Sundevils. Sandia Prep is able to award financial assistance to 210+ students each year, but private education is expensive and a Prep tuition package is not feasible for all.

The School’s financial aid endowment and annual operating budget are limited. To help give the “Prep Experience” to the next generation of Sundevils, Sandia Prep is launching the Alumni Legacy Fund.

Why an Alumni Legacy Fund is needed:
Sandia Prep students have always been encouraged to follow their passions. Professionally, today’s alumni work across the globe in varying fields and specialties. Our new Alumni Legacy Fund will help transform the lives of deserving second and third-generation Sundevils and make attending Sandia Prep financially attainable for those with limited financial resources.

How will the Alumni Legacy Fund work?
Legacy Sundevils will continue to follow Prep’s Admission and Financial Aid process. Once financial aid monies are awarded, a legacy family can apply for “bridge funds” if needed. The funds will be awarded annually by the Admission team and will be available for the duration of the student’s time on campus.

In just 14 months, we raised $220K in gifts and pledges from alumni.

What YOU can do to help
Become a founding member of the Alumni Legacy Fund and help us give second and third-generation Sundevils new opportunities to succeed. You will forever be recognized as a founding member, similar to Prep’s Simms Society. To keep you updated on the fund’s progress, we’ll send you a yearly financial report and include your name in future marketing materials. 

To learn more, please contact the Alumni & Development Office at 505.338.3022 or

Make a gift to Sandia Prep's Alumni Legacy Fund. 

Founding Members & Donors

Anonymous Alumnus - Class of 1992

Charley Michelle (Lowe) Baruth ’97

Amanda Beason ’03

Michael Beinenson ’97

Sarah Rosenberg Brown ’94

Andrea Brue-Kendall ’98

Arren Buck ’04

James Caughren ’07

Jamie (Lang) Cloyes ’03

Jason Cloyes ’02

Nicole Custer ’93
Melissa Besante Dineen ’97

Ethan Epstein ’91
Susan (Przekurat) Epstein ’91

Cai Ewing-Buck ’04

Jakob Gale ’16

Jillian Gonzales ’91

Madeleine (Walton) Hamilton ’10

Ali Hashemian ’01

Betsy Hume ’01

Julie (Langheim) Jackson ’99

Willie Kaplan ’99

Sally (Heath) Kilbride ’94

Kris Kite ’93

Roger Kite ’95

Robert Langheim ’96

Matt Loehman ’03

William Loew ’95

Rachel (Rae) Rosenberg Lyon ’96

Seth Melgaard ’98

Robert (Robby) Howard Mock ’89
Jessica Korber Montoya ’88

Amy (McCoy) Pettigrew ’79 

Jenny Pitchford ’01

Lydia (Jones) Pizzonia ’99

Leigh Ryan ’71

Andrew Satter ’96

Dominic Serna ’01 

Mary Simms ’73

Amy (Otten) Staples ’91 

Vahid Staples ’91 

Kiersten (Whitesel) Stockham ’91

Michael Stockham ’88

Jake Tenorio ’10

Avery Volkman ’96

Sage Volkman ’99

Susan Walton ’72