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Family Relief Fund

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We are a community, first and foremost.

Sandia Prep has responded to COVID-19 with leadership, flexibility, creativity, innovation, and compassion. Guiding our response is the well-being of our students and their families, and the faculty who teach them. Sandia Prep understands that our continued success depends on the strong bonds that make up our community. We are grateful that we have been able to continue delivering our high-quality education during this extraordinary time.
Sandia Prep Family Relief Fund
Sandia Prep’s highest priority is to keep our school community intact as we adapt to our changing circumstances. Students are facing disruptions to their academic lives and social connections. Their parents are facing furloughs, closure of businesses, and job loss. To further support our school community, we have established the Family Relief Fund to assist families who are facing temporary financial hardship due to the impact of COVID-19. We will work closely with families by offering short-term support that will help their student(s) stay enrolled.
Your gift to the Family Relief Fund will help our students and families maintain their place in the Sandia Prep community. Let’s assure our students that their friends will be able to return to school. Let’s assure our faculty that their students will be able to enroll next year. Let’s assure our alumni that our students will be able to count themselves as graduates of Sandia Prep. One hundred percent of your donation will go to those families who are most significantly impacted during this time.

How You Can Help

Sandia Prep is a community, first and foremost. Helping each other is the Prep way. Thank you for your commitment to our school at a time when we are all facing challenges. Your generosity ensures that our community will come through this unprecedented time TOGETHER.


Words of Gratitude from Family Relief Fund Recipients

We have received a number of testimonials from families who wish to show their appreciation for this short-term financial support. Read through their words of gratitude by watching the video below or clicking here.