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This is a non-auditioned ensemble elective, and all are welcome to join. Emphasis is given to the development of vocal technique, including: singing posture, breath management, diction, and expression, through singing texts representative of a wide diversity of cultures and historical periods, from past to present. Score and sight reading are also emphasized. Quarterly concerts are performed, and there are numerous opportunities to audition for solos, as well as All-State Chorus.

Choral Director
Mr. Darby Fegan,

A Message From Current Middle School Chorus Students

This course is open to any middle school student who wants to begin the study of guitar or to those with less than one year of guitar experience. Students will explore traditional music notation (notes, rhythms, etc.) as well as tablature, chords, ensembles, and a wide variety of musical styles. Students must provide their own acoustic guitar. Proper techniques of playing and strumming, music reading, and music theory are also explored.


Guitar Director
Mr. Paul Nielsen,
Please contact Mr. Nielsen for questions related to instrument rental/purchase or course placement for more experienced musicians.
Performances from Current Guitar Students

This ensemble is open to all instrumentalists (woodwind, brass, piano, percussion, and bass) who are beginners or who have limited playing experience, and who are capable of learning and performing Level I Band literature. Students learn to interpret different styles and rhythms, to perform as an ensemble, to develop the skills of sight reading and improvisation, and to make music come alive through the subtleties of dynamics and phrasing. The ensemble will participate in four concerts during the school year.
Jazz Band Director
Mr. Jesse Van Dam,
Please contact Mr. Van Dam for questions related to instrument rental/purchase or course placement for more experienced musicians.

Performances and Information from Current Jazz Band Musicians


DareDevil Design is a workshop environment conducted in Sandia Prep’s Autonomous Creative Environment (SPACE) where students engage in creative, critical, and constructive processes to develop products, ideas, and projects to help communities. Daredevil Design participates in nationwide engineering challenges such as the Future City Competition, in nonprofits such as the Lantern Project, and endeavors with local organizations. The DareDevil Design Exhibition Night at the end of the year showcases students’ work. Students conduct a “Presentation of Learning” to demonstrate their skills, understanding, and growth.

Director of SPACE/Coordinator for Innovation
Mr. Dan deLeon,

DareDevil Design students tackle real-world challenges.

Sixth-grade students may choose to select a supervised study hall in lieu of a year-long elective.

Ms. Bambi Otero in class
Ms. Bambi Otero plays Spanish songs and games with her 6th-grade students.

Students learn Spanish through songs, games, and role-play in an immersive environment where the focus is on broadening the students’ understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and culture. Latin American history, music, art, and food are ever-present topics. Students develop the unique skill of understanding spoken Spanish, and they also become strong, fluent speakers and capable writers. Students also will explore the culture and ecology of Costa Rica as a means of preparing for the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica in 8th grade.

Spanish Teacher
Ms. Bambi Otero,

Ms. Effy Hamon with students
Ms. Effy Hamon works with 7th-grade students.

This beginning level of study includes learning basic vocabulary and verb conjugations. Only French is spoken in class, so our students’ listening proficiency is highly developed. In addition to language and culture, students also examine important aspects of French history, art, and music. Students will also have opportunities to work together to write dialogue and stories, build fictional cities, and cook French meals.

French Teacher
Ms. Effy Hamon,


Mr. Claudio Perez with Spanish Model UN Students
Mr. Claudio Perez with Spanish Model UN Students

This class is offered to sixth- and seventh-grade students with strong proficiency in Spanish. This advanced language instruction is typically for students who speak Spanish at home or who come from dual language programs. Students explore such themes as Latina women in history and the idea of the hero in reading, conversation, essays, and multimedia presentations. While this is a course based in conversation, students also receive supplemental lessons in grammar. The focus is to produce articulate and well-rounded speakers and writers of Spanish.

Students interested in registering for Heritage Spanish will be evaluated by the instructor to ensure that they have the requisite skills and experience for this course.

Students who have selected Heritage Spanish as their modern language course will need to complete a verbal and written assessment. A verbal test will be conducted via Zoom on Tuesday, May 12, 2020 (a Zoom link will be sent to interested families) and a written prompt question will be sent to families via email as well. 

Click here to read a Heritage Spanish assessment letter from Prep's Modern Language Department Chair, Mr. Claudio Perez.

Modern Language Department Chair / Heritage Spanish Program Teacher
Mr. Claudio Perez,

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