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Golfer's Delight Package

Sandia Prep's Golfer’s Delight package will improve your score AND give you the chance to win $3,000+ worth of prizes!

To help speed up play and raise additional funds for Sandia Prep’s financial aid program, we’ve created a “Golfer’s Delight Package” for just $100.

Our Golfer's Delight package includes:
  • Super Raffle Ticket
    Enter to win a $2,000 Southern California Vacation Getaway
  • Three Raffle Tickets
    Chance to win a Yeti Cooler filled with La Cumbre favorites, a 32" VIZIO television, a Premium Spirits package, and more!
  • String It Out
    Once on the green, use your String It Out to help a player within the string’s distance from the pin to the ball. If the player does not have to putt, they are given the score had they putt and made it.
  • Play it Forward @ Hole #11
    Move to a designated spot that is 200 yards closer to the pin.
  • Donation to Sandia Prep’s Financial Aid Fund