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Matt Bauerschmidt ’06

In our Head of School's Weekly News updates, we often include alumni profiles. With 2,100+ alumni living and working around the globe, we’re excited to share details from our diverse community.

We featured Matt Bauerschmidt ’06 in our most recent Alumni Profile:


Alumnus Matt Bauerschmidt ’06 is the co-owner of The Revels Group, a full-service artist, producer, creative and tour management company based in Los Angeles. Matt and his team manage a clientele roster that includes clients G-Eazy, Gibson Hazard, Ambezza and many others.

Matt considers his time at Prep, the first of many stepping stones to his success. “I was a hyperactive kid, and I was attracted to Prep because of ‘the vibe.’ I loved the flexibility and have always felt that Prep encouraged me to find myself by trying different things.” As a Sundevil, Matt said he didn’t have just one “home” and participated in Tech Theater, Drama, Student Government, Soccer, Track, Cross Country and Baseball. Our ’06 grad credits his Tech Theater teacher, Tim McNamara, as instrumental in starting his career. “I always knew that I wanted to go into music and when I was in 9th grade, Mr. McNamara helped me get my s*** together.” Matt added, “He helped me take ownership and stop my shenanigans by giving me helping private groups with lighting, sound, and tech set-up for theater rentals. It’s basically how I kinda got started in the entertainment industry.” 

Circling back to Matt’s variety of passions, he shared fond memories of his time serving as Vice-President for the Student Government. “We were the first group to run as “a party” and had an elaborate campaign that included a checklist of what we wanted to accomplish. We swept all the positions and I helped rewrite the student constitution and tripled the budget of what we could spend on student activities.” He added, “Our team created, ‘Smilin’ Fridays’ and would host music and ice cream gatherings in the Quad, brought speakers and music to basketball games, and solidified the second year of the Tri-School Dance with Academy and Bosque,” a tradition that he was happy to hear continues today. 

Matt was a “lifer” attending both Middle School and High School at Prep. He concluded his run at Prep by spending his Senior Experience (now called Senior Capstone) working as Production Assistant for commercials, working in an animation studio at UNM and at a local music store. It was during this time that he also started a D.J. company. He believes that the month-long experience helped him gain traction right out of the gate. “You get out of experiences what you put into them, so I’m grateful that I learned so much PA’ing on commercials that it gave me a headstart for a job when I got to college...which also paved the way for my eventual career in starting my own video production company and Executive Producing projects for my client Gibson Hazard.” (Bauerschmidt, through his work with Gibson Hazard, has worked on projects for Nike, Kobe/Dr. Dre, Drake, The Weeknd, Lil Nas X and many others)

In August 2006, Matt joined Loyola University in New Orleans, one year after Hurricane Katrina had devastated The Big Easy. His college recruiter had promised that Loyola was the best for those interested in the music industry, and Matt agreed. He believes that by studying and working in a smaller city, he was able to use trial and error to find his way. He quickly made a name for himself and built strong relationships with key industry folks by working as a production assistant for various film shoots and heading up promotional street teams. “I worked my butt off, but it was worth it because of the first-hand experience and contacts I made.” It was at Loyola that Matt met his first major client, Gerald,” aka, G-Eazy. Matt and G-Eazy have traveled the world together promoting and performing, but Matt shared that he happily adds stops in Albuquerque as often as possible. “When the band, crew, and I are in town, my parents have everyone over, and my mom makes pancakes and breakfast burritos.” 

The Prep “lifer” encourages current Sundevils to appreciate and take advantage of the “safety net of high school. I hope they try a little bit of everything. Prep is a great place to try new things, and I believe that the sooner you decide what you want to do, the sooner you can go all in. G likes to say that for him college was the end of the runway, his transition period to ramp things up to a sustainable level. I think that Prep is a great place for students to try new things in a safe environment.”

Matt considers himself a life-long entrepreneur and likes to practice that there are “no excuses” and that “no is not an acceptable answer, everything can be figured out with creativity, ingenuity and determination.” He has generously offered to Zoom with some of Prep’s Young Alumni Committee members to help the group plan a financial literacy seminar for current Sundevils and/or pass along some entrepreneurial curriculum development suggestions.