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Student Life

Advisory Program

Each Sandia Prep faculty member serves as an advisor to a group of ten students (of the same grade) each year. As an "advocate," the advisor is available to talk with each of these students about any and all concerns, academic or otherwise. In addition, the advisor serves as the primary liaison between the school and parents, meeting with parents each semester to track the student's progress and development.

Health Services

Sandia Prep has a full-time nurse on staff with an extensive background in both adolescent and emergency care.
The School also has an athletic trainer for student-athlete needs, including therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. Our athletic trainer is also licensed to provide preventative services and emergency care when necessary. Prep also has a certified mental health counselor who provides individual support and oversees schoolwide student wellness initiatives.

Secure Campus

Our closed campus is overseen by full-time security personnel under the direction of our Director of Security.