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Ruquaya Quraishi ’12

Ruquaya Quraishi smiles while holding bouquet of flowers

Ruquaya Quraishi '12 - Pharmacy Student (University of New Mexico - College of Pharmacy)

Ruquaya Quraishi ’12 is a third-year Pharmacy student at the University of New Mexico's College of Pharmacy. “I love what I do,” she said. “I want to care for people and be the most approachable type of healthcare professional.”

Ruquaya leads the group, Operation Self-Care, a community outreach program within The American Pharmacist Association Academy of the Student Pharmacists. This program aims to educate the public about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Ruquaya has presented to Prep's middle school students and teachers about the long-term health impacts of poor diets and lack of exercise. Students said they enjoyed her interactive presentation. Ms. Karen Lyall, Sandia Prep's Coordinator of Health and Counseling said, "I was impressed with Ruquaya's presentation skills and her breadth of knowledge regarding lifestyle choices and disease prevention. The middle school audience learned about how high levels of sugars in many of their food choices can contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure, and Type II Diabetes. Ruquaya and her team of presenters were able to deliver this important message in a fun and interactive way."

The PharmD candidate said she values her Prep experience, “Prep has greatly helped me get to where I am today because of the excellent teachers and curriculum,” said Ruquaya. “My favorite memory at Prep was Lion & Unicorn Day. I always looked forward to this day full of school spirit. Go, Unicorns!”