Performing Arts Students Shine

Students in Sandia Prep's Performing Arts Department are wrapping up their spring semester with some exciting accolades.
Bonnie Bell '21 has been deep in the process of portfolio building, interviewing, and visiting college design and performance programs across the country. Of the seven colleges she sought out, all offered Bonnie talent scholarships within their design programs. Bonnie has chosen the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNSCA).
While live performances are limited this year, the Enchantment Awards (think state competition for musical theater students) is still moving forward in a virtual format. Prep students Gillian Hoffman '21 and Sofia Chalamidas '23 both received nominations for Best Actress. The two will rehearse with eight other actress nominees and perform in a live-streamed virtual show on May 21. The winners of this event will move on to Broadway for the Jimmy Awards competition. 
Finally, Prep's music and theater departments will combine forces for their annual Spring Fling. Musicans and vocal artists will showcase their talents in a video on May 18.