Teachers Get Down and Dirty by Renovating DesignLab Building

Over the past several months, DesignLab team members Mr. Arren Buck, Mr. Waseem Touma, and Mr. Daniel de León took a hands-on approach to professional development by practicing their curricular objectives on the DesignLab building. 
In preparation for the heavy hands-on, interactive projects all three instructors plan to have their students do, they themselves took part in completing the lesson's objectives. Planning, design, construction, and engineering all played important roles in the Phase One redesign of the 300 building's entryway. 
Reclaimed wood and plants make the entrance warm and inviting. A six-foot digital clock designed and constructed by Mr. Buck keeps everyone on time and accountable (no more tardies!) The TV monitor features snippets of students in action, and Prep students can view selected videos on entrepreneurship, engineering, architectural studies, and product design. 
Together, the DesignLab team wants to make Prep students feel like this is the place to be creative.