Sandia Prep Eases into Virtual Learning

Sandia Prep has elected to take a slower, gentler approach to safely reintegrating students back onto campus for the 2020-2021 school year. Beginning August 10 and continuing until at least Labor Day, September 7, all students will do Virtual At-Home Learning. During that time, teachers will be in their classrooms producing and streaming their lessons, so parents will have a chance to see how they work. During the two weeks prior to Labor Day, we will schedule very small groups of students (by grade and advisory) to come to the campus. We want the students to get a feel for the campus enhancements, learn more about the protocols we have put in place for their safety, and have a chance to say hello to their friends (from a social distance). Also, it allows the school to iron out any details to improve our protocols and safety measures.

Sandia Prep faculty have been working all summer to fortify their distance teaching skills with a series of professional development seminars.

They also have created art and science kits for students to pick up to enhance their virtual at-home learning and are redesigning their classroom spaces to meet social distancing requirements.

Our IT department has outfitted faculty and staff with needed technology, including laptops, webcams, cameras, tripods, speakers, software. and support.