Prep Alumni Launch Effort to Support Medical Workers during Pandemic

Sandia Prep alums David Gangwish ’07, Justin Gangwish ’09, Michael Gangwish ’15, and Jay Martinez ’11 have launched the website CoronaCareNM to connect Albuquerque-based volunteers with front-line medical workers and hospital staff. The community-based service was developed after a group of medical students saw a need for childcare for healthcare workers and staff.

Michael Gangwish said, “David and Jay are fourth-year medical students. They, along with some of their classmates, want to help during this pandemic. The group's goal is to create a network of volunteers to help healthcare providers who need assistance with childcare, grocery shopping, petting sitting, and general errands.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads and the need for hospitals begins to increase, the Prep grads wanted to provide individualized opportunities for volunteers to support overworked, tired, and overwhelmed healthcare workers. The alumni also noticed many students and teachers who wanted to help during the crisis.

The CoronaCareNM website provides useful links to other support sites and ways to help.