Blue Origin Rocket Scientist Mentors Prep's Aspiring Engineers

"We need you guys. We need you guys to, basically, save us."

Alumnus Nima Jamshidi, a rocket scientist with Blue Origin, expressed how Prep's DareDevil Design students and generations after them will save our planet and shape the future of life in space. The video call with our 2000 graduate covered everything from reusable rockets and using water as fuel to affordable spaceflights and growing food on Mars.

Founded by Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin is on a mission to build "a road to space so our children can build the future." The organization is hoping to accomplish this through things like reusable rockets and in-situ resource utilization.

Our 7th-grade DareDevil Design students will be visiting Mr. Jamshidi at Blue Origin's home base in Seattle during spring break, where they will see the construction of rockets and learn more about surviving in space. 

The video call is just the beginning of Mr. Jamshidi's mentorship of our aspiring engineers. He says he hopes to "inspire the next generation to go into STEM careers."