Art Students Create Homes to Improve Lives of Favorite Characters

A cozy, attractive house to keep Tweety Bird safe from his nemesis, Sylvester the Cat.

A natural, eco-architectural environment for Slim, the stick bug from “A Bug’s Life.”

A roomier, faster craft for Huck Finn and his friends to float down the Mississippi.

These were a few of the architectural designs Sandia Prep’s Clay/Sculpture 2 students created for fictional characters, incorporating lessons in form, function, and material.

Students in Waseem Touma’s class presented their designs and received critiques from faculty members and fellow students.

The project launched with students brainstorming what constitutes an architectural structure, characters and their traits, and how their designs could improve those characters’ lives.

Students also considered how their structures would look, how they would function, and how to choose the best material.

After creating slide presentations, they designed, drew, and rendered sketches and blueprints.

Finally, they fabricated their models and presented the finished pieces.