Prep Hosts International Women Leaders to Examine Community Violence


Sandia Prep's Global Education Program recently hosted a group of women leaders from the Middle East and Northern Africa to discuss culturally-specific initiatives to increase leadership and social engagement among marginalized communities. They also examined ways to develop youth leaders to counter community violence. 

The group is touring cities in the U.S through the Department of State's International Visitor's Program.  

Countries represented included Chad, Jordan, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Mali, Sudan, Palestinian Territories, Kuwait, Tunisia, and Morroco. Sandia Prep is partnering with Global Ties ABQ, a program that helps to forge connections among communities and cultures.

In small groups, leaders discussed questions prepared ahead of time, such as: What do you see as the biggest barrier to reducing/eliminating violence and marginalization? And: What is your view of American youth violence and marginalization and where do you receive that information? 

Discussions were powerful, and students were highly engaged in discussion, said Spanish instructor Kathryn Peacock.  

“When the group left, we were complimented highly on our students' openness, respectfulness and thoughtfulness,” said Ms. Peacock. “One of the visitors from a desert tribe in Mali told me, through a translator, that in her community, they do not express emotion. She said that she had a profound emotional experience here with our students. She was so moved by the love that she felt from the students, their genuine interest in her story, and their warm reception.”

Another visitor, the youngest woman member of Parliament in all of Africa, told Ms. Peacock that visiting with Sandia Prep students was her favorite field trip thus far on her tour of America!