Haiku Luncheon Sparks Creativity


Prep students create
haiku on the fly for treats
and magazine, too

Sandia Prep middle and upper school students took a few minutes from their lunch recently to write haiku on the fly in hopes of earning Japanese candy and a spot in La Chispa, our literary magazine.

This was the third year La Chispa staff invited students to stop by their table, write a haiku (or two or three) and get some treats if their poems fit the format.

Here are a few haiku from middle school students. Enjoy!


Up high mountain cold

Vultures and crows feeling bold

run little climber 

(Io Kalapa ’24)


Inscrutable kid,

are you hiding your feelings?

You are not alone 

(Aelyn Gatsch ’24)


Halloween is near,

witches, ghosts, and goblins here,

candy disappears

(Seth Cordova ’26)


A gentle giant

of white shaking in the wind

it drops its flowers

(Ella Thompson ’26)


Mysteries prevail

what is the meaning of life?

We will never know

(Cedar McCall ’24)


Silence is a sound

present when no one is there

beautiful music

(Avery Moya ’25)