Prep Experiences Inspire Future Hydrographer

Prep Science teacher Ms. Helen Haskell was excited to run into alumna Brook Armijo '16 at the 2019 Geology Society of America conference in Phoenix. Brook, a UNM Honors College student, was preparing to present her research at a poster session. 
Brook credits her 9th-grade geology class and the Outdoor Leadership Program for inspiring her plans to attend grad school to become a hydrographer. Hydrography is the science that measures and describes the physical features of the Earth's navigable surface and adjoining coastal areas, according to the NOAA's National Ocean Service. 
At the conference, Ms. Haskell also got to see and touch a rock sample collected by Apollo 17 astronauts. She learned about the Grand Canyon, among other places, and gathered the latest curricula for geoscience teachers, which she will share with her colleagues.