Sandia Prep’s Activity program allows students to explore new interests and supports the development of strong relationships among students and faculty. Activities help our students grow as whole individuals and discover their passions and potential. Twice during each six day rotation, we take a break from classroom work and provide students an opportunity to enjoy shared interests. Following is a list of activities Sandia Prep students have or will be participating in this year.
Camping Associates
Middle School Boys & Girls Soccer 
Weight Training
Supercomputing Challenge
Sandia Prep FreeForm Radio (SPFR)
Sandia Prep Freestyle e.Zine
Math Counts
Mock Trial
Model United Nations
Lego Robotics ("First Lego League")
World Language Alliance
Improv for Middle School
International Soccer
Newspaper Production “ Sandia Prep Times”
Yearbook Production    The “Sandglass”
Middle School Cross Country
Middle School Boys & Girls Basketball
Middle School Girls Volleyball
Sundevil Fan Club
Recreational Tennis
Helping Hands
Middle School Musical
Student Government Association
Native American Sandia Prep Alliance
“La Chispa” Literary Magazine
Young Dems
Young Reps