Whom to Contact

Staff Contacts  

If you have questions, call the school’s general number (338-3000) and ask for the individual listed to the right of the related topic. You may also call the alternate phone number listed or send an email. (Email addresses are composed of the individual’s first initial followed by last name@sandiaprep.org. For example, Laura Fitzpatrick’s address is lfitzpatrick@sandiaprep.org. For a complete directory of email addresses, visit Faculty at sandiaprep.org.)

6th-Grader’s questions/problems Advisor first, then Lucy Kozikowski
7th- or 8th-Grader’s questions/problems Advisor first, then Brian Tregembo
9th- or 10th-Grader’s questions/problems Advisor first, then Scott Jeffries
11th- or 12th-Grader’s questions/problems Advisor first, then Debi Kierst
 Admission Patricia Snow (admission@sandiaprep.org or 338-3007)
Advertising & Public Relations Celeste Walther (cwalther@sandiaprep.org) or Melissa Jo Stroud (mstroud@sandiaprep.org, 338.3040)
Alumni Relations Melissa Besante Dineen '97 (alumni@sandiaprep.org)
Attendance / Absence Linne Cornwell (339-3000, lcornwell@sandiaprep.org) or Laurie Magee (338-3000 or lmagee@sandiaprep.org)

Upper School: Pete MacFarlane (338-3025);

Middle School: Willie Owens (338-3023)

Billing / Bookkeeping Debby Halterman, Business Office
Box Office / Tickets



Bus Service for Athletics Herrera Coaches (242-1108)
College Counseling Carol Arnold, Dave Schindel or Danielle Yepa Gunderson
Community Service

Upper School: Paul Huitt (338-3047); or

Middle School: Susi Hochrein

Contributions to the School Julie Cook (jwcook@sandiaprep.org) or Roxanna Caird (rcaird@sandiaprep.org)
Counseling / Health & Wellness Karen Lyall
Courses Offered Cheryl McMillan, Assistant Head for Academics
Dances Dean of Students (for that grade)
Detention  Deans of Students (for that grade)
Disciplinary Action Dean of Students (for that grade)
Facilities Rental / Use Cassandra Osterloh 
      Gym / Fields
Pete MacFarlane (338-3025)
Louis Giannini 
Graduation Announcements Debi Kierst
Homework (make-up) Your Students' Advisor, Laurie Magee, or check the LMS
Library Books / Volunteering Melanie Templet or Kate Clarke (338-3039)
Lockers / Combination Locks Rick Wettin, Willie Owens

Lost & Found Items

Leonard Garcia

 Lunch/ Student Accounts  Business Office
Marketing & Communications Celeste Walther (cwalther@sandiaprep.org) or Melissa Jo Stroud (mstroud@sandiaprep.org, 338.3044)
PrepTalk e-newsletter & 532 magazine 
Celeste Walther or Melissa Jo Stroud
Outdoor Leadership Program Larry Hanley or Helen Haskell
 Parent Relations        
Susan Walton, 338-3004 or swalton@sandiaprep.org
 Report Cards/Transcripts
Jere Newcomb
Scheduling Advisor or Dean of Students (for that grade)
Ski Trips Tony Schoepke
Sports Events Locations & Times Pete MacFarlane (338-3025), Willie Owens (338-3023), or www. sandiaprep.org (click on "Athletics") 
SummerPrep Andrew O'Cleireachain (338-3045)
 Technical Help (w/ login, LMS, website)  Jenny Davidson, IT Director (jdavidson@sandiaprep.org)
Textbooks www.page1book.com or Laurie Magee
Website: (www.sandiaprep.org) Celeste Walther or Melissa Jo Stroud (338.3044)
 If all else fails...
Cheryl McMillan, Asst. Head for Academics (cmcmillan@sandiaprep.org)