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Season Record: 0-0

Team Schedule

Home games are in bold

Date Opponent   Start End Info
2/28 Rio Rancho High School Home 3:30pm      
3/6 Volcano Vista High School Home 3:30pm      
3/8 St. Pius X High School Away 3:00pm      
3/27 Miyamura High School Home 3:00pm      
3/29 Eldorado High School Away 3:30pm      
3/30 Grants High School Away 3:00pm      
4/6 Santa Fe Prep Away 3:00pm      
4/11 Bosque School Away 4:00pm      
4/12 Robertson High School Home 3:00pm      
4/16 Metro Tournament TBD        
4/23 St. Michael's High School Home 3:30pm      
4/24 Hope Christian High School Home 3:30pm      
4/27   District Away (SANTA FE PREP) 8:00am      
4/28   Away (SANTA FE PREP) 8:00am      
5/2   Away (TENNIS COMPLEX)        
5/4   TBD (TBA)        
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"Sandia Prep has taught me more than I could ever imagine. I've been taught how to be an independent thinker, and I can only thank my teachers for that."

~Lauren Lee '11, student at Coe College
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"My journalism class at Prep has broadened my writing experience. Even though I always thought I wanted to be a novelist, I've realized that I enjoy investigative writing too."

~ Rachel Fleddermann '14
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"I never thought I could write a top-notch news story, do archery, and create an entire painting all in one day. At Prep, that's just an ordinary day!"

Elena Saavedra Buckley '14, musician, internationally recognized classical music blogger, & recipient of SPS 2010 Middle School Award
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"No place compares to Sandia Prep when it comes to academic strength, vitality, and an almost familial companionship."

~ Derek Kessler '11, student at Stanford University
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"I love the responsibility of representing the School. I know the leadership skills I'm learning will help me in the future."

~ Lawson Stiff '13. VP Sandia Prep, Student Government Association
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