Coed Varsity Cross Country, Daniel Landes -
Coed MS Cross Country, Noel Huitt -
Girls 8th Basketball, Mo Sanchez -
Girls 6th Red Basketball, Pat Kelly -
Girls 6th Blue Basketball, Paul Huitt -
Boys Varsity Soccer, Tommy Smith -
Girls Varsity Soccer, David Disko -
Boys JV Soccer, Rick Wettin-
Boys C Soccer, Chris Clinton
Boys MS Soccer Red, ZackTenorio- 270-2695
Boys MS Soccer Blue,
Girls MS Soccer, Rick Smith
Girls Varsity Volleyball, Audra Gentry -
Girls JV Volleyball, Rachael Pfaff
Girls C Volleyball, Lexi Foutz
Girls 8th Volleyball, Mo Sanchez -
Girls 7th Volleyball Blue, Kelly Bull
Girls 7th Volleyball Red, Traci Henderson -
Girls 6th Volleyball Red, Patrick Kelly -
Girls 6th Volleyball Blue, Karah Williams -
Coed MS Tennis, Julie Cook -


Boys Varsity Basketball, Willie Owens - or 338-3023
Girls Varsity Basketball, JP Rael -
Boys JV Basketball, Brian Tregembo -
Girls JV Basketball, Jerome Romero -
Boys C Basketball, Cale Grover and Marcos Roybal
Girls C Basketball, Bethany Karnopp
Boys 8th Basketball (Red), Jonny Doran
Boys 8th Basketball (Blue), Pat Kelly -
Boys 7th Basketball (Red), Mo Sanchez -
Boys 7th Basketball (Blue), Wyatt Thomas
Boys 6th Basketball (Red), Rick Wettin
Boys 6th Basketball (Blue), Zach Tenorio - 270-2695
Swim & Dive Team, Jerry Stanton -
Coed Bowling, Claudio Perez -


Boys Varsity Tennis, Nick Morris 505-315-0966
Girls Varsity Tennis, Jenny Davidson - or 338-3046
Boys JV Tennis, Tommy Smith -
Varsity Track & Field, Janelle Johnson, Stacy Price
Coed MS Track, Noel Huitt
Girls Varsity Softball, Leonard Garcia
Girls MS Softball 1, Karah Williams -
Boys Varsity Baseball, Paul Huitt -
Boys JV Baseball, Vince Barnett assistant Andres Trujillo
Boys C Baseball, Andres Trujillo
Boys Varsity Golf, John Conner
Girls Varsity Golf, Allan Brumer
Girls Varsity Dance, Courtney Giannini -
Boys LaCrosse, Clay Wetherill assistant Kevin Lopez

"Sandia Prep has taught me more than I could ever imagine. I've been taught how to be an independent thinker, and I can only thank my teachers for that."

~Lauren Lee '11, student at Coe College
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"My journalism class at Prep has broadened my writing experience. Even though I always thought I wanted to be a novelist, I've realized that I enjoy investigative writing too."

~ Rachel Fleddermann '14
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"I never thought I could write a top-notch news story, do archery, and create an entire painting all in one day. At Prep, that's just an ordinary day!"

Elena Saavedra Buckley '14, musician, internationally recognized classical music blogger, & recipient of SPS 2010 Middle School Award
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"No place compares to Sandia Prep when it comes to academic strength, vitality, and an almost familial companionship."

~ Derek Kessler '11, student at Stanford University
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"I love the responsibility of representing the School. I know the leadership skills I'm learning will help me in the future."

~ Lawson Stiff '13. VP Sandia Prep, Student Government Association
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