We've collected quotes from our alumni and faculty that reaffirm the importance of your gifts – no matter what the amount!

If you want to share your story, please contact your Alumni Affairs Office at alumni@sandiaprep.org.

John Tekin '03 – “Sandia Prep helped lay the foundation for my personal growth and success. The knowledge, discipline and general love of learning that I gained from my time at Prep is material to who I am as an individual. My hope is that through additional financial giving, other young adults will be able to share this same experience in their lives.

Kate Malin '08 – "I work at a private K-12 school and so I've seen from the other side the difficulties of running an institution like Prep. I have very fond memories of my Prep experience and am happy to be able to give back."

Michael Hudock – “In my 25+ years at Sandia Prep I can honestly say that every bit helps. Annual Fund gifts have helped to replace or repair worn equipment. We started off in a two room cinder block storage facility with five enlargers. We now have a much larger space with 15 enlargers. Our students have a unique photography experience at Sandia Prep and we are proud of their work.”

Joyce Whelchel – “As a geology teacher, I feel fortunate that my students can learn in a great outdoor classroom as New Mexico provides an ideal learning environment. Sandia Prep fully supports this outdoor education by funding field trips for geology students.”

Lydia (Jones) Pizzonia '99 – " When I give to the Annual Fund I know that I'm helping the next generation of Sundevils have the same experiences that I was fortunate enough to have as a student. The Annual Fund has been around for a long time, long enough for Prep’s alumni and community members to have made the contributions we all benefited from during our time on campus. I consider it my turn to give back."

Ron Briley – “Dear Friends, As I contemplate the amount of my Annual Fund gift, I would like to issue an invitation for you to join me in giving to the school. Due to the generous effort of alums and parents, we have been able to extend the school’s program in academics, sports, outdoor and conservation education, and the arts while expanding the amount of financial aid offered. I hope you agree that the school made a difference in your life and that you would like to see these opportunities extended to others. It has been a pleasure to teach at Prep for over thirty years, and I look forward to many more.”

Matt Stebleton '78 – “I want to say thanks to the school that has given so much to me and both of my kids.”

Cathy Reed – “You might not think that a modest donation can make a difference, but every gift helps. $5 will buy a pack of electrodes, $12 will refill an oxygen tank, $21 will allow me to purchase a package of elastic wraps, or $200 would buy a new medical kit for my office.”

Alex Kwak ’01 – “I don’t have much to give right now, but I give what I can. For me it’s about showing my support for Sandia Prep—a community that has always supported me and my family. I’m so proud and feel so fortunate to have been a part of that community and I want to, in my own small way, make sure that current and future students have the same opportunities and more. My gift won’t build a new chem lab, but it could fund a new beaker. And the discovery—in that chem lab, with that beaker—that students experience every day is truly transformative. So whether it provides a beaker, a basketball, a copy of Hamlet for junior English, or a prop skull for the theater department, I know my gift is helping to spark discovery."

Lysianne Buie ’84 – “I gave back to Sandia Prep because of what it gave to me. My education provided me with the momentum to successfully obtain a Master's Degree and catapult my career. Now, as a Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, I still look back at Sandia Prep and the determination it instilled in me. I would not be where I am today without that foundation. If all alumni of Sandia Prep gave even a small gift, imagine the difference it would make to students today who will become our leaders tomorrow.

Andrew Satter ’96 – “I feel it's important to give to Prep because the further away I get from high school, the more valuable I realize my Prep education was. In my job as a videojournalist in Washington, DC, I'm constantly thankful for the civics and history education I received from Mr. Briley, the critical thinking and analytical skills I developed under Mr. Goss and the creative/artistic nurturing of Mrs. Perry and Mr. Hudock, to name just a few. I also have come to realize, as I talk to people from all over the country and all over the world, that not everyone was so lucky. While I wish I could give more, it's nice to know that even a small donation goes a long way."

Ernie Polansky – “I think often times when we consider a donation, we tend to think big bucks. In reality, every donation makes a difference. Consider for example that $10 will purchase an entire years worth of hydrogen peroxide for labs. $25 will buy four fruit fly cultures or a laboratory Tirrill Burner that will last fifty years. A donation of $50 will purchase a case of 72 test tubes or a case of 250 ml beakers. Many times it is the small items that have a big impact on instruction."

Katherine Sharp ’03 – “As I've talked to people over the years since I left Prep about their high school experiences, I've come to appreciate more and more the high school experience that I had. I am especially grateful for the quality and scope of the experiments I was asked to do in my science labs, the great trips I took with the camping associates program, and the close relationships I had with many of my teachers. I give to the school to show gratitude for these and other things that the school gave me while I was there.”

Pete MacFarlane –“The Annual Fund helps provide so many extras for not only the athletic program, but for all programs. It allows us to supplement the basics.”

Stacy Moses– “Every day, I am amazed and grateful that I have the opportunity to teach at this wonderful school. As students return, year after year—and write, and post—and visit to express appreciation for all they’ve received from their experiences at Prep, it is a validation of the wonderful work that goes on here—the growth, exploration, self-discovery. It is my pleasure to support Prep to further the mission of whole-person education that just cannot be matched anywhere. The financial support of Alumni, Parents, Teachers and Friends is vital to this continuing mission. Thank you—from all of us.”

Tina Sparks Duncan ’78 –“I support Sandia because it was an important part of my life. I still remember lessons learned from Harry Willson, Lou Liberty, Paula Degenhardt and many of my other teachers. I made many lasting friendships. Although the buildings have almost nothing in common with the school I attended, I sense that the spirit and community are still there. I know that tuition never covers the cost of educating a student and the financial help of parents, friends and alumni is required to keep a school healthy. My gifts help Sandia Prep continue to be a special place for other students as it was for me.”

Tom Gentry-Funk – “In a very real way, a gift to the Annual Fund represents my tangible commitment to the school. I give to demonstrate to students and parents, to faculty and staff, my firm belief that what we are doing at Sandia Prep matters; it matters to each one of us as we truly reflect this community. I have been lucky enough to be a part of this institution for more than ten years and I look forward to the next ten as early as I have enjoyed and thrived in my years at the school."

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