An Update from Ron Briley to Sandia Prep's Alumni 

Tuesday - January 24, 2012

Dear Friends:

This new year has been a challenging one for me. My mother has been seriously ill for a number of years, and she passed away this month. In addition, I have been experiencing some health issues. I spent some time during the holidays in the hospital, diagnosed with a blood clot in my brain. It is being treated at this time with blood thinners. The prognosis is good and my headaches are gone, but I am often quite tired. Accordingly, I am going to step down after this school year as assistant head of school after twenty-six years in that position. It is certainly time to give someone else an opportunity at that position, and my desire is to continue teaching history at Prep for another five to ten years. I believe that taking the administrative duties off my plate will allow me to do that. Things are going well at Sandia Prep, and we have enjoyed a smooth transition from the leadership of Dick Heath to Steve Albert. If you have not been by the school of late, please do visit. I would love to have a cup of coffee, show you around, and introduce you to Steve Albert (if you have not met him already).

All my best

Ron Briley