The LIONS won our 2014 Lion & Unicorn Day festivities!

On behalf of the Sandia Prep Alumni Association, we’re happy to share the results of one of Prep’s favorite traditions.

And as our Alumni Association President mentioned in a letter you were sent last week, please know that although many campus buildings have been torn down and replaced with new ones, the spirit of Prep has not changed.

We invite you today to rejoin the Prep experience. We want you to be involved. We want you to make a gift to Sandia Prep’s iGive Annual Fund campaign.

By giving to the Annual Fund you will help the next generation of Sundevils have the same experiences that we were fortunate enough to have, all while helping Sandia Prep secure additional funding from foundations and other funders who want to know that alumni believe in the mission of the School.

How much should iGive?
Please know that every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference. Gifts from alumni start at just $5. No gift is too small, and each and every one is essential. Your gift can also be made anonymously.
Thank you for your time and attention – we look forward to hearing from you soon!