College Counseling

Sandia Prep's college counseling program is individualized and student-centered.  Our college counselors work one-on-one with each student and family.

Each SPS student is assigned to a primary college counselor — and yet our three college counselors work as a team; we all work on behalf of all SPS students. Our goal is to help students and their families understand the complex process of college admission in order to make the best college choice for each student.

We meet with students as a group in Junior/Senior Seminar to provide information on the college search and application process.  We also meet regularly with individual students to help each plan his or her process, based on personal interests and abilities.

Typically, 100% of Sandia Prep graduates enroll in a four-year college or university. As each Sandia Prep student is unique, we strive to match each of our students with a collegiate environment where she or he can thrive personally and academically.

While the central focus of college counseling is helping students navigate the college search and application process, our assistance does not end there. We are committed to helping SPS families secure financial aid and merit scholarships for college. We help each student and family identify schools likely to provide aid of various kinds and review financial aid awards on request. 

Last year, our graduates accepted more than a quarter of a million dollars of
roughly $1 million in merit scholarships awarded.

(Merit scholarship totals are non-verified information as reported by 73 of 85 students.)

Sandia Prep is a founding member of both the Independent Curriculum Group and ACCIS - Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools.

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