Independent College Preparatory

Grades 6 -12

Advanced Curriculum

Sandia Prep has always stood apart by offering a unique array of rigorous courses that challenge students and motivate learning. Our advanced curriculum is tailored to our students, not a standardized test. We are a founding member of the Independent Curriculum Group, as we prize our independence and innovation too highly to ask our teachers to use a nationally standardized curriculum.

Our independent curriculum promotes deep, student-centered learning within and beyond the classroom. English students can explore indepth electives such as Philosophies of the East, which samples works such as Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu and Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, and Contemporary Apocalyptic Scene, which examines the struggles of characters in works such as Life of Pi and Peace Like a River. Another elective, Literature of the American West, examines works such as A River Runs Through It, The Collected Works of Billy the Kid, and Reservation Blues. Popular history electives include American History Through Film, Eastern Philosophy, and Global Studies, the latter in which students examine current events within a historical perspective.

All upper school courses at Sandia Prep are honors level. Newsweekprofiled the school in its 2005 "America's Best High Schools" issue. The article, entitled "Other Winning Equations," profiled one of our seniors who completed an internship at NPR's "All Things Considered" during the school's Senior Experience program. Sandia Prep's academic program has also been featured in education articles in theWashington Post and other national publications. Our innovative curriculum distinguishes our 100% college bound seniors as among the best prepared in the nation.

I was worried about coming to college without any AP credits, but my science and writing classes at Sandia Prep have clearly prepared me more than the AP curriculum did for some other students here. I just wanted to say thank you for all the support. I don't think we realize the tools we acquire during our four years at SPS until we're in a mad dash for survival in college. ALICE L. HALTER '13, EMORY UNIVERSITY STUDENT

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