Sandia Prep is a member of the Green Schools Alliance. We are committed to reducing the School’s carbon footprint and to ensuring that our students develop into good stewards of Planet Earth in the process.

Mission Statement

Sustainable Prep is a volunteer group whose purpose is to raise awareness of the many environmental issues that we face as a community. This working group - made up of faculty, administration, staff and students - is dedicated to facilitating a community-wide commitment to sustainability in all areas of the school's programs, facilities and operations. Sustainable Prep will make every effort to:

  • Raise awareness about the relationship between individual decisions and actions on our environment
  • Teach our children by example that conserving resources is part of their civic responsibility
  • Provide school-wide incentives for taking action to reduce our environmental impact
  • Increase campus energy conservation by promoting cost-effective, "green" alternatives
  • Encourage energy efficient and environmentally friendly building design in all future campus additions
  • Provide a healthy environment for students and staff while promoting sustainability

Solar Project

Sandia Prep has entered into a solar power purchase agreement with Consolidated Solar Technologies (CST). CST has completed installation of a number of solar arrays on our campus. In return, the school will purchase the solar power that is generated. Collectively, these arrays provide nearly one-third of the school’s electricity. The project reduces our carbon footprint, provides educational opportunities, and will save the school between tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next two decades.