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Welcome to our website! Sandia Preparatory School is a remarkable place with unique programs, outstanding facilities and a powerful community spirit that distinguishes us as a school. 

Whether you are a prospective parent or student, an educator or a member of our extended community, our dynamic new website is the perfect place to find information, videos, images and articles that will help you get to know the school we affectionately call “Sandia Prep.”

Academics are our top priority. Our statement, “10 Things We Believe,” found elsewhere on this website, pledges our belief in putting students at the center of all that we do, and this commitment shapes the Sandia Prep classroom experience. SPS faculty members create engaging student-centered lessons, and our unflinching commitment to small classes means that students participate in intimate discussions and collaborate with classmates on a daily basis. Sandia Prep is a member of the Independent Curriculum Group, a nationwide coalition of outstanding independent, charter and public schools that are dedicated to the creation of academic offerings that uniquely meet the needs of their students. Our nationally recognized curriculum includes a wide array of rigorous courses that excite, challenge and inspire our students to meet their intellectual potential.

Balance is our core value. We believe that our students should be involved in each of the school’s Five A’s –Academics, Arts, Athletics, Activities and Atmosphere. In the last few years, we have invested more than $10 million into new classroom spaces, a new Field House, a new Performing Arts Center and a new Student Center. We ensure that our students can participate in a broad range of programs by scheduling activity periods into the school day, offering no-cut athletics, providing numerous opportunities to engage in the arts and stressing the importance of living a balanced life in all that we do. Sandia Prep was the 2009 winner of the American Psychological Association’s National Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award and Best Practices Honors – just one example of how we do what we say we do.

Community makes us who we are. Our 650 boys and girls are part of a single community that gathers regularly to discuss issues, share information and celebrate successes. Older students serve as mentors, role models and tutors to younger students. Our distinctive advisory program ensures that every student partners with a faculty member who monitors his or her daily progress. In addition, the active involvement of parents as volunteers reflects our institutional mission. Our community reflects the diversity of Albuquerque in its racial, ethnic, religious and socioeconomic makeup. Nearly one-third of our students receive financial aid, reflecting our commitment to making an excellent independent school education accessible to as wide a range of students as possible.

I encourage you to explore this website to learn about many of the new programs and initiatives now underway at Sandia Prep. Many of our students and faculty are engaged in various environmental sustainability initiatives, all focused on achieving our goal, as an active member of the Green Schools Alliance, of reducing our institutional carbon footprint. Our voluntary, student-directed community service projects involve 90% of students and enable our school to support the Albuquerque community through volunteer work in schools, food banks and myriad other organizations. Our unique Senior Experience program allows students to pursue their passions by completing internships in Albuquerque and around the world. And our renowned Outdoor Leadership Program enhances leadership skills as students explore the mountains, caves, lakes and dunes of the Southwest.

I urge you to visit our campus for it is, after all, the people – students, teachers, parents and alumni – who make Sandia Prep the exciting, inspiring and fun school that it is. I hope to meet you in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy our website.

Warmest regards,


B. Steven Albert

Head of School

Founded in 1966, Sandia Prep is an independent co-ed school with a nationally recognized college preparatory program for students that begins in grade 6 and continues through grade 12. Representing the face of Central New Mexico, Sandia Prep students come from nearly 70 different schools and 40 different zip codes. Current enrollment is 615 students with an 7.5 to 1 student-faculty ratio. Forty-nine percent of students identify themselves as students of color. More than one in three students (37%) receive need-based financial aid.

Head's Blog

  • Raising Grittier Children

    Posted December 29, 2013

    Exciting work is being done by scientists and researchers regarding child development. At the heart of this new way of thinking is the idea that children are most successful when they possess seven character strengths; these skills have been shown to be the best predictors of a child’s success: self-control, optimism, gratitude, curiosity, social intelligence, zest, and grit. "Grit” appears to be among the most important and is of particular interest to me.

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    In the wake of the bombing, Bostonians felt empowered to come together as a community, and that, I suggest, is how we can begin to make sense of this tragedy.

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  • Keeping Our Students Safe

    Posted January 3, 2013

    Every few years, our school conducts a market research survey to better understand what parents seek in their selection of a school for their children. In each and every survey, “safety” appears near or at the top of the list. This is understandable, given all that we read about violence in schools – from bullying and harassment to school shootings. In the first two years of my tenure at SPS, I’ve paid a lot of attention to campus safety.

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  • Women in Leadership Roles: Fact or Fiction?

    Posted October 9, 2012

    Looking at the speakers at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, it's easy to get the sense that our nation's leaders are more diverse than ever. The conventions give the political parties a chance to showcase some extraordinary women, as they seek to demonstrate gender diversity and appeal to female voters.

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    As parents, it’s natural for us to want to make things easy for our kids, and we frequently find ourselves “helping” by doing things for our children – things that they can, and should, do for themselves.

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