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Welcome to our family.

Sandia Prep’s mission states that we believe that our school community is an extension of our students’ families, and the active involvement of parents on school trips and as volunteers in numerous capacities reflects that aspect of our mission.

Our community reflects the diversity of Albuquerque in its racial, ethnic, religious and socioeconomic makeup. More than one-third of our students receive financial aid, reflecting our institutional commitment to making an excellent independent school education accessible to as wide a range of students as possible.

At Sandia Prep you’ll find strong, enduring student-teacher relationships and a discernable sense of community. Parental involvement is not only welcomed, it’s encouraged. We are one school “family” committed to each student’s success.

Sandia Prep is a remarkable place.  Not only has the school been a great place for him to grow up; Sandia Prep has helped my son become a great human being.

Kathleen ATkin, parent